The hocus pocus spellbook

The hocus pocus spellbook belonged to a witch named Winifred Sanderson.

It was given to her by the devil humself. The book is bound in human skin, and contains some of the recipies for her most powerful and evil spells. The book has stiching all over it. It also has 3 snakes on the cover, one on the top corner, one on the bottom corner and one near the spine of the book. The spellbook has a eye  where the book opens.

The devil wanted to make the book perfect for Winifred. So he had his slaves skin a human for the cover. Cut off a humans fingers to put on the spine. He wanted the book to be alive so he had his slaves fetch a eye ball for the book. He used all the magic he knew to bring the book alive.

 Winfred loves her book very much. She has 2 sisters named Sarah and Mary and she loves her book more then them. The 3 sisters have 1 power each, Winifred has an electric bolt power, mary has a powere where she can smell children miles away and sarah has an amazing singing voice that lures children to the witches house.


 The devil got his slaves to make up some spells and potion for the book. So of the spells are really dangerous, like her cat spell. The cat spell turns a human into a black cat thatcant die untill the spell is lifted.


Twist the bones
And bend the back
Trim him
Of his baby fat
Give him fur
Black as black
Just... Like... This!

I made  the hocus pocus spellbook using cardboard, clay, liquid latex, red-brown and silver paint, a plastic eye ball, a glue gun and white string.

This is how it turned out... 

I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you will try and make ur own spellbook just like me.

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